March 9, 2010

I almost forgotten I’ve gotten a blog.
gosh. School is keeping me too busy that I don’t really have much personal time right now. But it’ll end soon. After my 8 weeks of hell weeks and arts camp 2010, the enjoyment will start.
So, in the meantime, to all my loyal readers, all the best for everything you’re doing right now. Here’re 2 videos I’m hooked on recently. ENJOY!

I’ll be back soon 🙂


get flying.

February 9, 2010

Recently, I’ve been struck by tons of opportunities.
Whether is it doing up music compositions for *SCAPE Sounds Like Saturday Project or my hollywood attachment programme, I’ve been extremely blessed lately.
This further proves that with the opportunities on hand, you’ll then get flying up high. Without them, you’ll go no further than standing on ground.
As always, I place great importance on the experience of life. No matter whether is it good or bad, as long as it’s a brand new experience that allows me to age with maturity, it will definitely be a journey worth experiencing.

Now come to think of it.
I’m really glad to have friends that stood by me all this while, though it’s really a pity to lose some on the way. But, that’s the sad part of life, really. Friends do come and go. And there aren’t much you can do to salvage the situation if the other party has intentions to shun away from you. Although I really got no idea why do you have to act this way, but frankness to once a great friend indicates respect. So, talk to me if you need to.

lastly, for someone I’ve met in University.
Thanks so much for being there always, and for helping me no matter what happens. I think you know who you are =)

such a sweet mv!



February 2, 2010

I got to say, this concert experience is definitely the best so far!
Though most of the time I didn’t know what the song was, just by looking at AMIT right in front of my eyes and reaching those high notes, this concert definitely aroused my senses and was an awe-inspiring one.

The way AMIT presented herself is definitely commendable! Singers/performers nowadays should learn from her and pit themselves against such a high calibre to improve their stage presences and performance showmanships. Saving time by changing only 3 costumes throughout the whole concert, AMIT really sang a lot of good songs to rock the house down and hyped up the audiences.

Not only that, the lighting effects, the talented band and the enthusiastic audiences added more “WOW” points to the concert. Everything just synced together that night in perfect harmony!

So, based on this awesome experience, I’m definitely going for her next concert =)
I believed this video will be self-explanatory.




January 26, 2010

Oh gawd.
Recently, ive been feeling so lethargic that I can hardly wake up in the morning.
I think it’s time for a change. Im gonna be dead serious and pledge to sleep early and wake up on time for lessons. No more snoozing of alarms and I must adapt to my previous motivated soul.
One more thing.
I shall keep up with my assignments and readings, and make sure I don’t divert my attention away to other attention-grabbing gadgets like the TV and my pretty pink Macbook.
and finally,
I’m so glad 海派甜心 drama is coming to an end.
So i won’t glue my panda eyes to youtube every monday!
From today onwards,
I must work hard to save up for travel plans this summer.
I must work hard to be diligent in my studies.
I will work hard to be a better person =)

ps. Finally, after 13 episodes of 海派甜心, I finally teared at this scene.




January 18, 2010

海派甜心插曲 – 爱不单行(罗志祥)
歌名 – 爱不单行

找不到人说 心里的寂寞
找不到人懂 怕黑的折磨
找不到命中注定 在一起的那个人
很多人都像我 一个人过生活

爱 只有简单笔画
却比想像复杂 恨安定爱变化
我爱过几个人 也被爱过几遍

爱 是不可数的吗
为何我还相信 它不是独行侠
我在等一个人 在等我的永恒
告诉我 爱不单行 别害怕

用不完身边 泛滥的自由
开始怕孤单 是一种诅咒
羡慕我能飞的人 为何在天黑以后
还是宁愿回到 爱情那个枷锁

爱 只有简单笔划
却比想像复杂 恨安定爱变化
我爱过几个人 也被爱过几遍
却还是没能 将幸福留下

爱 是不可数的吗
为何我还相信 它不是独行侠
我在等一个人 在等我的永恒
告诉我 爱不单行 别害怕

我在等一个人 在等我的永恒
告诉我 爱不单行 别害怕

我在等一个人 在等我的永恒
告诉我 爱不单行 相信它

believing in love,


a forgotten place

January 17, 2010

I thought I would stop blogging forever because…
I suddenly lost the purpose of speaking to my computer.
These couple of months were indeed fulfilling.
I spent the whole holidays packing, reading, watching, gathering, photographing, listening and playing.
Most importantly, I found much more happiness in whatever I’m doing right now.
Thanks to a few awesome friends out there!
Last semester results were satisfying, and I hope this continues for the rest of my university life.
Speaking of Year 2009, life was busy as usual, and I couldn’t really imagine what my life would be if I stop being busy. This year, supposedly my final year in my University, I hope I can achieve greater things in life – to achieve the unreachable, unthinkable and the impossible.
But the most thought provoking fact that knocked the most sense into my head was that the adult life was definitely a much more complicated world as I predicted it would be.
I think I start to lose sense of how to communicate better with my parents, and that communication breakdowns seem so common nowadays. Nonetheless, I will still put in my utmost effort to pull everything together once again.

As human beings, we have to move on in life.
Growing up and growing old is really not a choice for us to decide.
Through this tough process, we really need to learn how to be forgiving.
We need to be socially responsible citizens and not instill deviance into the minds of others.
We need to be concerned of the environment that it is sustainable for the future generations.
We need to be gracious and sensitive to the less advantaged in the society.
We need to respect our parents and not let them down.
and through it all,
We need to uphold our true identities, without losing them to frustration, sadness, jealousy, selfishness, etc.
Hence, as human beings,
We are stronger than we thought we could be, and achieve all great things in life.

life’s good, isn’t it?
that’s why I found a new purpose to revisit this forgotten place of mine.


have a little faith.

December 9, 2009

Life is absolutely awesome right now!
Nothing to worry about. just me, music and movies every passing day.
Within 2 days, I’ve watched 5 movies and had 2 compositions ringing in my head. This feeling is just amazingly great!
Oh yeah, you know being a movie fanatic, i really adore having much me-time and spend it all on the screens. I’l be really surprised how many movies i’ll be watching after this superb holiday is over! hahah we’ll jolly well do a count after that alright, i promise.
and FINALLY! I bought that newly written Mitch Albom book, HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. Will take the time to read it these couple of days and hopefully, feels even more inspired and positive after reading it, just like how “Tuesdays with Morrie” & “For One More Day” did wonders to my never-dying spirit. Probably will do a review after that, so stay tuned!
How i wish everyday could be like this holiday.
what a wonderful world =) good night readers!